1 of 7 Things I did when I was projectless

Stage 1: Slept in. Then, despaired. The first days were great! It was like finishing university again. I slept in, updated my CV, read all the things I had wanted to read for some time.. I was sure there was going to be a gig for me in a very near future. But after the first days of sleeping in, I started getting restless.

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The short but effective 2-days UX test run

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. This 2-days user experience test run is without a doubt the most extensive test I ever did in the smallest amount of time. These were not average 8-hour workdays, these were meticulously planned sessions that fit into my timetable with great precision and lasted from morning to evening.

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Professional play: The playful aspect of play

The playful aspect is by far the most arbitrary. The word in itself is a bit silly. “The playful aspect of play”. The playful aspect seems either obvious or superfluous. But since we’ve gone through the physical and social aspects, this last post addresses the parts of play that are harder to fit into the aforementioned “boxes”. Between the physical and the social parts of playing, something else takes place as well…

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A makeshift, easy SCRUM board

This post would’ve been a cool diy-scandinavian-design-inspired-shabby-chick thing on Pinterest. It’s not. This post is mostly just me telling that last week I went to Agile42s course on becoming a SCRUM master. It was a good course and I learned a lot. My current project work close-to-agile, so I already have a good amount of practical knowledge about working agile, but it was good to get some theory as well.

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Kontakt Gheist

Kaffe? (Eller the)