A makeshift, easy SCRUM board

This post would’ve been a cool diy-scandinavian-design-inspired-shabby-chick thing on Pinterest. It’s not. This post is mostly just me telling that last week I went to Agile42s course on becoming a SCRUM master. It was a good course and I learned a lot. My current project work close-to-agile, so I already have a good amount of practical knowledge about working agile, but it was good to get some theory as well. The most impressive thing was that the speaker Bent drew all of his slides by hand, instead of using a Power Point presentation, and it worked so well. Since I am a person who puts a lot on my plate, I thought I’d give SCRUMing a go at home. Since I am also a person who live in a very small apartment in Copenhagen and I like collecting stuff, I don’t have that many empty surfaces. However, making a SCRUM board is not rocket science.. As long as it’s flat and the post-its will stick, you can make any surface an easy SCRUM board. easy scrum board On a more serious note, it actually helped a lot to write down all the tasks that I have in my head. What I do like a lot about the agile approach is that it’s simple and the tools used are whatever you have at hand. Like a picture in a small apartment. SCRUM away! The comic print is by the way Strong Female Characters from the artist Kate Beaton, who is both hilarious and interested in history and science. That’s two awesome things.


Drawing wireframes for a better user experience

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. During this test run I cooperated with a company’s designer to construct an optimal task flow in an app. In the end I drew a complete set of wireframes for the app that the developer used for the development process.

Kontakt Gheist

Kaffe? (Eller the)