The short but effective 2-days UX test run

Even a very short UX test run can provide an impressive amount of bugs and problem areas.

What was tested

A platform where users can buy a gift card through a website, design a custom card, and get it delivered on e-mail, SMS or through postal services.

The test missions

First impressions

What is the visitors first impression of the site?

User experience across different platforms and browsers

How is the user experience across different platforms and browsers?

General usability

What is the general usability of the product? Does it make sense?

The results

unique bugs and issues found in only 2 days

I collected a lot of different data and presented it to the project manager, the designer, the developer and the CEO. This led to several technical and design-related corrections on the site. The customer afterwards hired me for a week to do more extensive focus group tests.

How can you do it too?

This is without a doubt the most extensive test I ever did in the smallest amount of time. These were not average 8-hour workdays, these were meticulously planned sessions that fit into my timetable with great precision and lasted from morning to evening. Make sure to only use methods that fit your timetable, have a flexible network that can help you within a few days notice, and uphold your deadlines.

First click test
First click test

Ask people what they would click on first, if they were to visit the company’s site to purchase a giftcard, either through a browser or the mobile version of the site.

Device test
Device test

Go through the most common use-scenarios on the most common mobile devices, and look for issues.

Walking fous group
Walking fous group

Gather a group of 5 people, take them for a walk, and observe while they interact with the mobile site and comment on the experience.

1 on 1 interview
Usability review

Go through the website, analyzing its visual and logical design, starting from the concepts of learnability, efficiency, memorability, error recovering, and satisfaction.

Browser comparison
Browser comparison

Go through the most common use-scenarios on the most common browsers, and look for issues.

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