1 of 7 Things I did when I was projectless

The “consultant without project” phase is something lots of consultants go through. You sometimes experience periods without projects or job offers. Sometimes it is seasonal (Companies usually don’t start up a new project during Christmas and Summer Holiday season), and sometimes it’s simply because no one is hiring. It happens. In 2015 I went through several months of no-projects-for-me, and since I was quite new to the consultant business, I had to learn how to tackle those periods – the hard way. It’s my hope that others in this situation can use these experiences, for inspiration, or at least for knowing that you are not alone.

Stage 1: Slept in. Then, despaired.

The first days were great! It was like finishing university again. I slept in, updated my CV, read all the things I had wanted to read for some time.. I was sure there was going to be a gig for me in a very near future. But after the first days of sleeping in, I started getting restless. I’d like to mention that I like to do stuff. I get involved in loads of things. I should also mention that at this point in time I just came from a tester position in a company that underwent major changes, and as a result, testing was increasingly ignored. So I was already pretty tired of showing up for work, staring at my screen, just waiting for the day to end. I was eager to get my hands dirty in some proper testing projects. And here I was, in a new awesome company, and I couldn’t really do anything or contribute with anything. Bummer. Despair started creeping up behind me. consultant without project


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