Stuff I learned: BBST Foundations is a roller coaster ride

I took the BBST Foundations online class in 2015. My colleagues at House of Test had talked about that it could be a tough course to go through. But I was still pretty surprised that the course really was as demanding and frustrating as it was

Not in the way that it officially takes a lot of time. You can do your exercises in the time stated in the course (app. 10 hours a week), and still do fine. But if you’re interested in testing (and you probably are if you take this course), you feel like there’s so much more left to do and discuss. At. Every. Single. Exercise.

BBST is hard!
Stuff I learned from software testing: Taking the BBST foundations class

My ego suffered from one extreme to the other. One day the other students’ comments, achievements and investment in the course left me awestruck. Other days I felt like an all-knowing pro, who could answer and report on the exercises we did that day.

It’s probably because the themes and methods presented are very different. The course is a nice experience, and if you are interested you should take a look at all the BBST materials available online.


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