First post, first blog

I never blogged before. Ish. I have made efforts to maintain a blog twice in my life, and both were quite unsuccessful.

The first time was a blog on Skyrim that I made during my studies for a master in Games at the IT University in Copenhagen. We had to keep a blog alive during the course, or otherwise we’d flunk. I mostly shared cultural observations of the game world, and Skyrim memes and funny pictures. To this date the article “Things I ate in Skyrim” is still the most hilarious thing I ever read.

The second time was a blog on which I analyzed the many dresses from the Babenberg family tree triptych, made by Hans Part in Germany in 1489-92. I did two posts, and that was it. I even got a comment that praised my work, but for some reason I didn’t commit to analyzing the remaining 41 dresses.

Now fate has put me in a situation where I don’t have a project, and even though I am blessed with working at the awesome House of Test that takes tremendously good care of their employees even though they are without a gig (And there’s almost always some who are, that’s just the way it is), it’s still frustrating and boring not to do any test-related work. So here goes a reason for me to think and do something in the area of software testing every single day. I feel ready now to try out a blog that’s more like a place to put all of my loose thoughts, ideas, experiences, ramblings, tips and whatever I feel like sharing, and not a blog that I try to make to look and sound like other blogs out there.

There’s also going to be funny pictures. But most of them will be software test related.


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