Why i go to conferences..

…or just any other events that is remotely related to testing.

I’ve just come home from the Let’s Test 2016 conference in Sweden. And what a blast.

When I go to workshops i learn about things in testing I never thought about. I learn about new tools, new ways to do things and new ways to think. I was even reminded of the theories of a certain Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, whose theories on flow I used on so many occasions during my earlier university years.

When I talk to other testers I get inspired by what they have achieved, how they work and get to network with them. And not in a corporate-heres-my-card way. I generally really like people and would like to get to know them. Have a beer with them. Learn about their passions. And at Let’s Test I was pleased to discover an immense openness. I could walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation.

When I am faced with the many sciences behind doing and thinking testing, I want more and I want to contribute. I want to go to conferences, write articles and get out there with the bits and pieces of theory I use when I test.

So dear Let’s Test

Thank you for being an inspiring experience.

Bug tatoo from let's test 2016
I went to Let’s Test 2016 and caught a lot of bugs


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