Using UX mapping to get easy insights on users

What was tested

Ewa Home is a physical plug that can be used to monitor e.g. the electricity consumption of an electronic device, or the temperature in a room. I was asked to test the UX of both the boxing, the plug itself, the installation of the plug, and the app that came with the plug.

The test missions

First impressions

What is the first impressions of the box, the plug and the app?

Walking fous group

Is the installation process intuitive and the instructions easy to follow?


How is the product’s usability?

The results

The test showed that the target group wanted a simpler app, with a more intuitive installation process. I gave a number of suggestions to what could be improved. After the run, I was hired to help the company with designing the wireframes for a final version of the app.

An example from the user experience map in the report. The blue boxes are what the users did. The green or red boxes are positive or negative opinions about the interaction. The yellow boxes are comments made by the test participants and suggestions to changes.

How can you do it too?

1 on 1 interviews

Present the test participants with the system and ask them to perform a number of tasks while talking out loud about their experiences. 

Device test
Device test

Instal the app on several, common mobile devices, and go through the most common use-scenarios while looking for issues.

Heuristic walkthrough
Usability review

Go through the company’s website, the product’s boxing, and the app, analyzing its visual and logical design, starting from the concepts of learnability, efficiency, memorability, error recovering, and satisfaction.

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User experience mapping

Note down the test participant’s satisfaction and comments as they use the product. Then create a map of their experiences using visual cues and signals. The method makes it easy to report on your findings, in a visual (and quick) way.

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