Tool: Why I need Notepad++ as a tester

I use Notepad++ for a lot of things. Mostly for viewing and editing source code files, but also for taking notes. In my digital home, Notepad++ replaced Notepad years ago. The first, but not only reason that it’s awesome, is that it’s a great source code editor. If you’re at tester who has to look in source code files, Notepad++ supports a myriad of different languages and presents the code in a nice, color-coded overview. Getting an overview of an XML files? No problem. This baby will open in seconds as it’s very fast and uses a very small amount of CPU. Other reasons that I use it are…

It’s free!

That’s one very important thing. Even though I’m no longer a student and can actually afford to buy programs, I still got an itch to use free programs as much as possible. A lot of times the free version are just as good as the paid version.. I also like open source programs, as they are usually a labor of love and is the result of different driven souls working together.

It’s extremely customizable

You can customize everything. Eeeeverythiiing. You can customize the entire GUI to your liking (Though I still use the standard layout), and you can even customize the way the editor displays a specific language. For such a small program, there are still so many things that I would like to learn how to use.

It has an active community who develops plugins for it.

There are some serious and very specific plugins out there. And if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can make your own. I love notepad++!!! Go get it at their homepage! The install file is less than 3 mb, so I usually keep an install file in my Dropbox. Just because.


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