Card sorting shop items into fitting categories

What was tested

A website where users can buy a gift card for many different shops, ranging from restaurants, sports equipment, and events.

Test missions

Is it easy for the user to find the items or products they are looking for?

Meaningful categories

Are the categories meaningful?

Alternative approach to categories, sorting and filtering

Should an alternative approach to categories, sorting and filtering be used?

The results

The customer received several suggestions to how the many shops should be categorized on the site. I also gave further suggestions to categories and initiatives on the site that went beyond the traditional categorization of shop items.

How you can do it too

Card sorting
Card sorting

Write down the different shop items and shop categories on small notes, and let test participants sort the notes into what they thik is a fitting category.

1 on 1 interview
1-on-1 interview

Observe the test participants while they go through the different shop categories, guide them, and ask questions that identifies the test participants thoughts.

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