6 of 7 Things I did when I was projectless

Projectless. It’s a real word now. As a consultant, you sometimes experience periods without projects or job offers. Sometimes it is seasonal (Companies usually don’t start up a new project during Christmas and Summer Holiday season), and sometimes it’s simply because no one is hiring. It happens. In 2015 I went through several months of no-projects-for-me, and since I was quite new to the consultant business, I had to learn how to tackle those periods – the hard way. It’s my hope that others in this situation can use these experiences, for inspiration, or at least for knowing that you are not alone.

Stage 6. Got to know myself

With at least some surplus of energy from all that exercising, but no upcoming project, I decided to try out a personality test. I did a free Myers-Briggs test. And another. I took other free tests, and even if they are nowhere near a holy grail, it got me thinking about who I am and how I work. Apparently I need some sort of daily human interaction. Apparently I don’t bother with reading very long papers. I want short, concise writing and I want visualizations of crucial points (Or.. pictures. I want pictures). Apparently I need at least one project (or direction in life) of any kind to fight off stress, Apparently I’m not very good at multitasking, but extremely good at concentrating on one project. Apparently I learn way better from doing than theory. Apparently I’m very good at coming up with ideas and starting projects, but terrible at finishing them. Good to know. Thank you personality test.


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