3 of 7 Things I did when I was projectless

What to do when you have no project or is projectless? (It’s a real word now) As a consultant, you sometimes experience periods without projects or job offers. Sometimes it is seasonal (Companies usually don’t start up a new project during Christmas and Summer Holiday season), and sometimes it’s simply because no one is hiring. It happens. In 2015 I went through several months of no-projects-for-me, and since I was quite new to the consultant business, I had to learn how to tackle those periods – the hard way. It’s my hope that others in this situation can use these experiences, for inspiration, or at least for knowing that you are not alone.

Stage 3: Renovated my entire flat

This stage lasted for quite some time. At this point it became pretty clear to me that I needed some kind of project at home. I did not get any interviews, but I was still pretty confident that something would happen soon. Maybe not super-soon, but soon enough. I already started renovating my flat while being at my former employer, so I basically just upped my renovation game. Now I had plenty of time, so I could just as well use some of that time to finish the work. I built a kitchen, I painted walls and furniture, I built stuff. what to do when you have no project It worked well in the beginning, but after some time, I started having problems concentrating on the renovating work. And slowly the thought of not having a project started creeping up on me. I grew more restless, And in the end, the no-project thoughts paralyzed me completely. I didn’t care about lifting so much as a hammer.


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