In the wild testing for a better mobile experience

For this project I used in the wild testing riding the trains of Copenhagen, to emulate real life use of an app.

What was tested

A platform where users can buy a gift card through a website, and redeem it in a shop or restaurant. The customer service by telephone and mail was also subjected to testing.

The test missions

Find and buy a giftcard

Is it easy to find, buy, and use a gift card?

Product used in real life situations

How well does the product fare when used in real life situations?

Testing customer service

Is customer service helpful?

The results

I gave the customer different suggestions that could better the user experience of the site, and found a critical problem in one of the shops. I also gave them an idea of what kind of experience customers had when using the product and customer service.

How can you do it too?


Observe 4 test participants in their home environment for 2 nights while they buy gift cards, and redeemed them in a restaurant

Customer emulation

Call customer service, pretending to be different customer personas with a unique problem

User interviews

Present the test participants with the system and ask them to perform a number of tasks while they talk out loud about their experiences.

The most time consuming part of this test was involving the many test participants. I had interviews with one group, and followed another group over 2 days while they ordered and redeemed the gift cards.

Make sure to schedule enought time for both testing with your test participants, and for reporting on their experiences. Qualitative data must be analyzed and broken down in a way that allows the customer to understand their needs and problems in just a few pages.

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