7 of 7 Things I did when I was projectless

Stage 7. Started up side-projects. I'd learned that I need daily social contact, and a project of sorts. And since there wasn't any for me, I had to make them myself. Thus I started up small, weird side-projects. Most of them only exist in my head to this date, but it felt good planning and making things. Most of them only exist in my head to this date, but it felt good planning and making things.


Professional play: The playful aspect of play

The playful aspect is by far the most arbitrary. The word in itself is a bit silly. "The playful aspect of play". The playful aspect seems either obvious or superfluous. But since we've gone through the physical and social aspects, this last post addresses the parts of play that are harder to fit into the aforementioned "boxes". Between the physical and the social parts of playing, something else takes place as well...

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Professional play: The social aspect of play

Broken down, the social aspect of play is such an important part of any play-related activity. This is true for both play, games, sports, and any other event who has some sort of "play" in it. Admittedly, play doesn't have to be a social activity. You can play games (or freely) on your own. The social aspect however is still such a crucial part of most play, that it ought to be mentioned: It's a reason (Or a push) to get out, meet people, and be social on your own preferred terms.


Professional play: Playfulness in a professional context

The magical circle is a little plane of existence that is both its own, and a part of our world. I like to call it the game world. Let's use my daughter playing with her friends as an example. From my perspective there are two kids rolling around on the living room floor, eating the uncooked pasta my daughter just got from the kitchen. From their perspective they are two dogs, a big-sister dog and a little-sister dog, and they are eating dinner they found outside their doghouse.