Katrine Kavli

Digital storyteller, web manager, tester and UX consultant

Copenhagen, Denmark


Publications, talks, workshops

  • 2017: ADAConf – Conference workshop: How to implement ideas of UX and usability in a project if you are not working with UX
  • 2017: Testing Trapez October – Article: Drawing Testing
  • 2017: Malmö Foocafe, ConTest –  Talk: User experience and test methods
  • 2016: Let’s Test – Conference workshop: Creating and empathizing with test personas
  • 2016: Let’s Test – Conference workshop: Improvisation, roles and the playful aspect of testing
  • 2015: EC Utbildning – Guest lecturer: Usability design, testing and mobile testing
  • 2012: Mindtrek – Academic paper and conference talk: The Player’s Parasocial Interaction with Digital Entities

Extended CV

For an extended CV and a list of previous projects, se my LinkedIn profile

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