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test persona names

My great test persona names quest

I’ve gone through several iterations of coming up with test persona names in my latest project. In the beginning I started thinking about names for my amusement. But after some time I realized that there’s actually something to gain from considering naming practices when it comes to test data. Setting […]

white hat hacker

A tiny step into security testing with Kali Linux

Have you heard about Kali Linux and security testing? I hadn’t. Not until I went to a penetration / security testing course which introduced me to this gem. It’s a Linux-based penetration testing platform, and its open source, which means free, and in this case also means awesome. You can run it on […]

My collection of awesome and amazing notes

Nobody reads my test documentation

I see it as my duty to make test documentation. I’m a consultant, the only current tester on my project, and can leave (or be asked to leave) whenever. In that situation I don’t want to leave behind a project that have to start at square one with a new […]

Chatbot timeline

In the wild testing for a better mobile experience

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. During this test run I tested a company’s customer service, as well as their mobile website, from the conception that both parts of the product should be usable anywhere at anytime.

The short but effective 2-days UX test run

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. This 2-days user experience test run is without a doubt the most extensive test I ever did in the smallest amount of time. These were not average 8-hour workdays, these were meticulously planned sessions that fit into my timetable with great precision and lasted from morning to evening.