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test persona names

My great test persona names quest

I’ve gone through several iterations of coming up with test persona names in my latest project. In the beginning I started thinking about names for my amusement. But after some time I realized that there’s actually something to gain from considering naming practices when it comes to test data. Setting […]

Chatbot timeline

In the wild testing for a better mobile experience

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. During this test run I tested a company’s customer service, as well as their mobile website, from the conception that both parts of the product should be usable anywhere at anytime.

Professional play: The physical aspect

The physical aspect of play is by far the most immediate aspect. When we play, be it a free-form of play or a more structured approach through games or sports, we use our body. Sometimes a lot, like when dancing, running, wrestling, or pretending to be dogs. Sometimes a little, like when playing chess or poker, where even the slightest movement of a facial muscle can be decoded into millions of meanings. The amount doesn’t necessarily matter. Physicality is seen and interpreted by everyone, and is easy to relate to.


Let’s draw… A user!

I’ve saved the most difficult post for last in this run of summer-holiday-posts. The user. There are so many ways to represent a user, so the way you draw him/her depends on your context, on what you want to achieve. Note: All the “meanings” or “moods” written under the figures are my own. You can perceive them in a different way. The perceived meaning of symbols are heavily influenced by environment and culture.


Testing unknown territory: Customer service and support

I’m used to testing quite tangible stuff. Does the system provide the answer I’m looking for, does something unexpected or unintended happen when I input different symbols and Words in an input field, is something missing on the screen.. The stuff I as a software testers usually “test”. But it isn’t always so. […]

The many faces of LARP

Let’s Test 2016 and Live Action Roleplaying

I’ve been accepted as a speaker at the Let’s Test Conference 2016 in Sweden this May, and I’m damn excited. This will be my first test-related conference, and I’ll be talking about roleplaying (Or LARPing) and how it can be used in a professional context. It’s gonna be awesome! For those […]