I’m Katrine, and I would love to work as a webmanager for you.

I’ve worked as a voluntary webmanager for more than 10 years, making websites for artisans, associations and LARP events.

Beside being a webmanager, I currently work as a digital consultant in the area of testing for varying customers and projects.

I like to work in places where new ideas are aplenty, things are done a little different, and people come before production value.

The basics

I live in Copenhagen with my girlfriend and daughter. My hobbies include LARPing, medieval reenactment, historical cooking, and digital storytelling and culture (Damn right, I read a lot of comics).


Danish (First language)100%
HTML and CSS100%
PHP, SQL and databases75%

Things I can't stop doing

  • Make complicated things look simple and easy to understand
  • Think about user and customer experience
  • Tell digital stories

My skills and expertises

Web magic

Building websites and databases from scratch, covering a wide range of areas, from designing the layout and visitor flow, to coding the damn thing.

User experience and usability

Presenting the right amount of information in the right format so users can easier do what they came to the website to do.

Media production

Making small videos, photo editing, graphical illustrations digitally and on paper, vector graphics, print design.


Installing, managing and coding for the WordPress platform. It is flexible and easy to use, especially when others have to be able to edit, insert files, and add images to pages.

SEO and adwords

Optimizing posts and pages for search engines, finding the right keywords, keeping an eye on what potential users are actually looking for.


Communicating with and reporting to different stakeholders and teams. As a leader I expect others to take responsibility for their own area.

Visual communication

Drawing and illustrating plans and ideas, storyboarding online user flows, sketching layout for websites.

Open source and free stuff

A habbit from working with non-profit organizations, there’s always a free alternative to a tool, mostly it’s just as good.

If I worked for you I would...

  • Make a better online overview of the company and its events, so it’s easier for players to find information on their next event
  • Create a platform that makes it easy for event stakeholders to update and add content to the sites
  • Make sure there is a red thread between the event sites and their corresponding social media
  • Set up automated checks to ensure that everything is up and running
  • Use more of all the amazing media content that Dziobak produces


I love managing websites. 

I love creating platforms that both inform, give a certain impression of a brand, and offer some kind of experience.

Usually sites need to develop along with the association they represent, so I continuously restructure and build on the websites I manage. 

There’s always something that can be optimized, and there’s always a story to tell.

A few examples of sites I made:

LARP event website

LARP event website

What you get

  • A cheerful optimist with a loud and frequent laugh
  • Someone with a million ideas and interests
  • A flexible and creative worker who loves working in changing environments
  • A digital octopus who knows a lot of everything about digital media
  • An employee who delivers on time

What I want

  • A workplace with room for big personalities
  • Flexible work hours with room for writing articles and speaking at conferences in calm periods
  • A direction in my work, not micro-management
  • A place that experiment, try different things and take social responsibility
  • To make the world a little better

Timeline of me



Let’s have a chat!

  • +45 22 82 42 62
  • hello@kavliwashere.com

You can also have a look at my other CV on this website, or see a more traditional CV on my LinkedIn profile.