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I’ve written an article for Testing Trapez on drawing

Last month my article for Testing Trapez Magazine was published. It’s about using and making drawings to better explain and reach a common understanding with other as a tester in IT projects (But the article applies to any kind of project and any kind of professional position really). Have you ever […]

Usability hallway testing

Usability hallway testing in four easy steps

Last week I went to ConTest in Malmö (Hosted by FooCafe) to talk about usability testing. ConTest is a free meetup for testers, and I was there to talk about usability testing. We ended the evening with a really quick test run of usability hallway testing. I think it’s a brilliant concept, so […]

Professional play: The playful aspect of play

The playful aspect is by far the most arbitrary. The word in itself is a bit silly. “The playful aspect of play”. The playful aspect seems either obvious or superfluous. But since we’ve gone through the physical and social aspects, this last post addresses the parts of play that are harder to fit into the aforementioned “boxes”. Between the physical and the social parts of playing, something else takes place as well…